Shiatsu Basic Training

The basic course of the basic training consists of eight parts of 12 hours each.
In the first stage of the three-year Shiatsu training, the training group (AG) and 4 supplementary courses must also be taken. Instead of the AG, a 5th supplementary course can also be taken as an alternative.
With an additional 2-3 one-to-one lessons, a certificate for the basic training can be obtained.
Attention! For the basic training, it is strongly recommended to attend an introductory course beforehand.

The completion of the Shiatsu basic training enables qualified wellness treatments. The training is traditionally carried out on the floor, which is pleasantly soft in our classrooms. The core of the basic training is the basic course. Here, a solid Shiatsu basic form (Kata) and six meridian-katas are learned for the general stimulation of the self-healing powers. The most important techniques for the treatment of body segments are also included. For each of the eight parts of the basic training, a part of the training group (AG) is offered. Depending on the needs of the students, the contents of the basic courses are repeated, deepened and supplemented. Exclusively in the AG, stretching and self-treatment of all 12 meridians are learned. If the basic training is to be concluded with a certificate or used as an entry into the 3-year Shiatsu training, the flat rate E with 4 additional supplementary courses is the appropriate scope.For detailed contents from part to part as well as the AG (training group) see below.

Basic Course in detail

Basic Course

G 1 Shiatsu basic kata for general stimulation of the self-healing powers, with the most important techniques in abdominal (AP) and supine position (SP).
G 2-7 Introduction of two new meridians each, including Teaching
a) the holistic significance for the healthy organism,
b) the simplified course of the meridians at the extremities and
c) the shiatsu techniques in one position each.
From the new elements in connection with parts of the basic kata from G 1, a new shiatsu kata is developed.
G 2 Lung (SP) and Bladder Meridian (AP), introduction of thumb technique, facial strokes, importance of the organ clock and the large energetic circulation.
G 3 Large intestine (AP) and Kidney Meridian (SP), general and special contraindications, legal knowledge, mobilisation of foot in SP; mobilisation of neck in SP.
G 4 Stomach (SP) and Pericardium Meridian (SP), back and buttocks in AP, punctual techniques on the foot, transition from AP to SP by traction on the leg, the 7 tsubo layers, shiatsu with closed eyes.
G 5 Spleen (SP) + Triple Heater Meridian (SP), point techniques on the face, large-area hara techniques, chest in SP, loosening in AP, rotation of the head in AP; the five phases of a technique.
G 6 Heart (SP) and Gall Bladder Meridian (AP), loosening in SP; shiatsu techniques for the head; shifting in SP; preliminary talk at Wellness-Shiatsu.
G 7 Small Intestine (SP) and Liver Meridian (SP), Shoulder and Shoulder Blade in lateral position, selective neck treatment (SP), a transition from SP to SL and back, selection of the kata according to meridian meanings.
G8 flowing covering and support with a little kata, shiatsu for the feet in AP, shoulder and blade in SP, summary of all meridian-related contents of the basic training and the basic principles of shiatsu, personal reflection.

Training Group

  • instructed practice, deepening, supplementation and, if necessary, extension of the content of the basic courses
  • Self-treatment of the meridians with palms, thumbs, fingers or tools
  • at least one stretching exercise for each meridian
  • sensitisation and perception exercises to improve contact
  • increased correction of posture and individual optimisation of techniques

Dates 2019

G 1 Fr/Sa/Su 17.05. – 19.05.2019 17:00-21:00
G 2 Fr/Sa/Su 14.06. – 16.06.2019 17:00-21:00
G 3 Fr/Sa/Su 16.08. – 18.08.2019 17:00-21:00
G 4 Fr/Sa/Su 06.09. – 08.09.2019 17:00-21:00
G 5 Fr/Sa/Su 27.09. – 29.09.2019 17:00-21:00
G 6 Fr/Sa/Su 01.11. – 03.11.2019 17:00-21:00
G 7 Fr/Sa/Su 06.12. – 08.12.2019 17:00-21:00
G 8 Fr/Sa/Su 17.01. – 19.01.2020  17:00-21:00

Training group

on Wednesdays 19:00-22:00
22.05.2019, 19.06.2019, 21.08.2019, 11.09.2019, 02.10.2019, 06.11.2019, 11.12.2019 and 22.01.2020


monthly installments One-off payment before course start
flat rate E (basic training + AG + 4 additional supplementary) 8 times 112 € 795 €
flat rate AG (basic training + AG) 8 times 90 € 635 €
flat rate G (8 parts of the basic course) 8 times 84 € 595 €
unit price per part of the basic course 105 €
8 parts of the training group (prerequisite: basic course) 8 times 16 € 105 €

The eight instalments are due from April to November (when basic training starts in Spring) and from October to May (when basic training starts in Autumn) at the latest on the 15th of each month.


Repeat a flat rate or individual parts of the Basic course 50 %
Repeat the flat rate E with at least partly new supplementary courses
–> per new course
25 € surcharge
Repeat of the TG (training group) 25 %
at least 50% repetition within a flat rate 25 %
Pupils/students up to 30 years of age without income 15 %
Registered unemployed and Hartz IV recipients 15 %

Only one of the above discounts is available per registration

Dates 2018

G 1 Fr/Sa/Su 20.04. – 22.04.2018 17:00-21:00
G 2 Fr/Sa/Su 25.05. – 27.05.2018 17:00-21:00
G 3 Fr/Sa/Su 22.06. – 24.06.2018 17:00-21:00
G 4 Fr/Sa/Su 17.08. – 19.08.2018 17:00-21:00
G 5 Fr/Sa/Su 07.09. – 09.09.2018 17:00-21:00
G 6 Fr/Sa/Su 19.10. – 21.10.2018 17:00-21:00
G 7 Fr/Sa/Su 16.11. – 18.11.2018 17:00-21:00
G 8 Fr/Sa/Su 14.12. – 16.12.2018  17:00-21:00

Training group

on Wednesdays 19:00-22:00
25.04.2018, 30.05.2018, 27.06.2018, 22.08.2018, 12.09.2018, 24.19.2018, 21.11.2018 and 19.12.2018

Conditions of registration and participation

1.  REGISTRATION & PAYMENT for individual courses
a) The registration takes place by e-mail to or by telephone.
b) The school confirms the registration, reserves a place in the course if there is still a free place.
c) At the same time, the school sets a deadline within which the fee must be paid into the school account.
d) After the payment has been received in due time, the school will send a confirmation and inform you that the place in the relevant course is now definitively secure.
e) If the fee is not paid on time, it is possible that the place will be passed on to other interested parties.
f) If a course costs more than 200 € and the registration is more than 4 weeks before the start of the course, a deposit of 100 € is sufficient. The remaining amount must then be credited to the school account at least 3 weeks before the start of the course.
g) Payment by instalments is not provided for individual courses.

a) Flat rates are all summaries of individual prices within a notification which lead to a reduction in charges compared with the sum of the individual prices.
b) Registration is by e-mail to or by telephone.
c) The school confirms the registration, reserves one place each in the associated courses, as far as free places are available.
d) At the same time, the school sets a deadline within which the fee is to be paid to the school account.
e) After the payment has been received in due time, the school will send a confirmation and inform you that the place in the respective courses is now finally secured.
f) If the fee is not paid on time, it is possible that the place will be passed on to other interested parties.
g) If a registration for a so-called flat rate E, AG or B is more than 4 weeks before the start of the course, a deposit of 150 € is sufficient. The remaining amount must be credited to the school account no later than 3 weeks before the start of the course.
h If the total fee is paid before the start of the course or if payment is made immediately in case of late registration, the registered students contribute most to the planning security of the school and receive a significant discount compared to the installment payment.

3. PAUSCHALE E & Regulations for the Supplementary Courses
a) three registrations for the flat rate E result in the sum of exactly the amount of instruction that is necessary to complete a 3-year Shiatsu training if all 3 training levels, at least 1 supervision course, both final courses and otherwise different supplementary courses are included. This registration form is the cheapest option for the participants.
b) The advertised price of the flat rate E is only valid for the concrete (course-related) registration of all 4 supplementary courses up to 2 weeks before the start of the course or afterwards at the same time as the registration. This regulation supports the planning security of both the school and the pupils*. For each supplementary course there is a minimum number of participants and only when this has been reached is it clear that the course can take place.
c) each supplementary course not specifically registered within the above-mentioned time limit increases the fee by € 7.50.
d) The 4 supplementary courses must be selected from the current offer, which is online at the time of registration and is assigned to the same year as the assigned flat-rate E in the chronological listing of the courses.
e) As an exception, up to 2 of the 4 supplementary courses can also be selected from the list for the next calendar year. However, this costs an additional €12.50 per course.
f) there is no entitlement to participation in the 4 selected supplementary courses if courses are fully booked at the time of registration or if courses are cancelled by the school because the minimum number of participants has not been reached. In these cases, other courses must be selected within 4 weeks at the latest.
g) Supplementary courses that have not been booked in the periods defined above will expire without a claim for partial reimbursement of the fee! Participants are responsible for their own registration.

a) Installment payment is possible especially for all so-called flat rates E, AG and B.
b) The number of instalments and the date of payment can be found in the invitation to tender for the respective courses.
c) If you register more than 4 weeks before the start of the course, the first instalment must be transferred to the school account within the period set by the school, which is at least one week long. From the 2nd instalment onwards, payment is made as described under 2nd instalment.
d) In case of registration after one or more installment payment dates have expired, all due installments must be paid within one week.
e) In the case of individual packages of at least 80 lessons, payment by instalments is also possible. Upon request, the school will make an offer, whereby the number of installments will be adapted to the teaching period.
f) For 5 instalments or more, a standing order must be set up.
g) For formal reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to pay in instalments when registering with an education premium voucher.

A written revocation for registrations is possible before the beginning of the lessons at no cost within one week, if no payment or deposit has been made yet.

6. Cancellation, Deadlines and Fees
In case of cancellation registration, the following cancellation and cancellation fees are due:
a) 30 € per course up to 3 weeks before the start of the course, for packages 100 € or 150 € for registrations with early booking discount.
b) less than 3 weeks to 3 days before the start of the course the total amount up to a maximum of € 130
c) within a period of 3 days before the start of the course, the total amount up to a maximum of 250 €.
d) if a replacement person is provided, only 30 € or 60 € will be charged for processing and possibly the difference if the replacement person pays less
e) In case of cancellation from the beginning of the course or later after advance payment, the entire course fee is due. There will therefore be no refund of any part of the fee.
f) In case of payment in instalments and a 4-week period of notice to the next regular payment date, the remaining instalments only have to be paid half.
g) Cancellations of parts of a package registration are not possible. Withdrawals are only valid in writing. The date of arrival at the school counts as the date of cancellation.
h) Withdrawals up to one week after registration are free of charge.

a) Changes of booking must be requested in writing from the school management.
b) Requests for rebooking can be rejected by the school management for organisational reasons.
c) Approved rebookings from one supplementary course to another will cost a processing fee of 10 € per course if the application is made before the start of the course to be cancelled.
d) Approved transfers from one supplementary course to another will cost a processing and cancellation fee of 20 € per course if the application is submitted after the start of the course to be cancelled.
e) Further rebooking in connection with registrations of E-, AG- or B-flat rates is not possible.
f) Possible rebookings are possible within the framework of individual packages, individual course registrations and special courses in Berlin, but only if they are applied for at least one week before the start of the course to be cancelled and if the rebooking course begins no more than six months later.
g) Rebooking to point f) costs a rebooking fee of 10 € per course.
h) If the fee for the course to be cancelled is lower than the fee for the rebooking course, the difference must be paid additionally.
i) If the fee of the course to be cancelled is higher than the fee of the rebooking course, there is no claim for repayment of the difference. However, you can use this as the basis for a second transfer rate.

In the event of illness or other special circumstances, teachers may be replaced or lesson dates postponed. If the number of participants is less than 8, courses can be combined or cancelled despite confirmation. Participants who do not agree to a postponement have the right to withdraw from the corresponding course free of charge or to a refund of the relative share of the costs.

Bring along to class: warm, loose, clean clothes (e.g. no smell of smoke), a fresh pair of socks (only used for class) and according to the duration of the course: food and drink for self-catering.
Further information is given in the announcement for certain courses.

The fee for each late payment is 10 € per 2nd reminder. From the expiry of the deadline for the 2nd reminder, interest on arrears will be charged plus 4%.

It is generally not possible to transfer course places to other persons within the framework of flat-rate registrations. If a written application is received at least 3 days before the start of the course, transfers of course places to other persons in individual courses are possible with the approval of the school management and cost a processing fee of 20 €. Discounts can only be transferred if the reason for the discount applies equally to the person to whom the discount was transferred. Otherwise, the difference must be paid additionally.

If a written apology is made before the start of the course, missed courses, provided they continue to be offered on a goodwill basis, can be made up free of charge within one year, provided that there is still room in the respective substitute course. Supervision courses are excluded from this regulation. In the case of full courses, a maximum of 2 persons can observe the contents of the course as an alternative. This goodwill arrangement means that in the case of supplementary courses, only the supplementary course with the same content can be made up for. The change from one supplementary course to another requires an approved rebooking. Missed courses that are not offered within a year, e.g. some supplementary courses, can be made up for at the next opportunity, even if it is only possible after the one-year period.
There is no claim that a missed course will take place again at all!

a) The supplementary course „Supervision“ is expressly excluded from all goodwill regulations if the teaching time of the course would have to be extended due to catching up.
b) Supervision courses require 2 x 2.5 hours for 4-6 participants, 3 x 2.5 hours for 7-9 participants and 4 x 2.5 hours for 10-12 participants. The school management can adjust the number of dates announced in the program according to these needs – even for a short time.
c) A rebooking into a supervision course is only possible if it is not the 4th, 7th or 10th registration for the course, because this would increase the costs for the school, because the bookkeeping of the pro rata income of the paid fee remains in the cancelled course.