Shiatsu & autumn vacation

Refresher course for basic Shiatsu training
Precondition: at least participation in a Shiatsu introductory course

The autumn training camp in Süderdeich focuses on refreshing the contents of the basic training. The group determines the exact contents, whereby group work with different topics is also possible. The following contents can be selected:

  • positive meanings of the functional circles
  • simplified meridian gradients
  • Treatment positions in one position each
  • Kata 1-7
  • 4 Position change
  • Segments of basic training
  • Organ clock, large energetic circulation
  • 5 phases of touch, 7 layers of a point
  • Shiatsu with closed eyes
  • Selection of Kata according to meridian meaning

The lessons will be held in German. If necessary we translate into English.


TermineDates & Events

Place of instruction and catering
Activities in free time
Last Minute Prices
Contact and registration
Dates & Events

Start: Tuesday 08.10.2019 / 18:00h
End: Sunday 13.10.2019 / 15:00h

Guided training times: 08.10: 18:30-21:30h
09.-12.10.: each 9:30-12:30h and 18-21h
13.10.: 9:30-12:30h
-> 30 hours in total

In between, various holiday activities, but also independent Shiatsu training are possible.

As far as it can be coordinated, registrations for a part of the advertised course length will also be accepted.

Direction: Harald Gierl

Place of instruction and catering


Seminar house Süderdeich

Avenue 44
25764 Wesselburen southern dyke

The group kitchen of the seminar house is available for self-catering. Before the start of the course the email addresses of the participants will be forwarded to the group, so that it is also possible to plan a meal together.

The group itself is responsible for the cleaning and final cleaning of the house.
Activities in free time

Activities in the free time

The daily free time concerns primarily the 5.5-hour period between the training blocks of 12:30-18:30h. Possible activities are:

  • lying in the sun at home, doing yoga, Qi Gong or other physical exercises
  • jump trampoline at the house, throw on basketball basket, kick on goal, play badminton
  • Juggling at the house, ball running, balancing on slackline or wire rope
  • play table tennis, swing, practice on the wall bars in the practice room
  • practice shiatsu, massage, aikido or body exercises in the practice room
  • very cheap bike rental and bike tours make
    walk, walk 5 km to the sea, take the train or bicycle 11 km to Büsum and lie by the sea and swim
    cycle to other beaches
  • Take the train 15 km to Heide and go to the swimming pool / sauna.
  • Excursions to the Eidersperre, beach in St. Peter Ording, Friedrichstadt
  • Taking riding lessons, skating
  • book individual lessons after 21h on request

Last Minute Prices

Total lessons: only 110 € left
Reduced total lessons: only 100 € left
External with appropriate training: only 165 € left
part-time participation per 3 hour training session: only 15 € left
reduced: 14 €
External: 18 € l
Accommodation with overnight stay in dormitory: 60 €
entire course
in your own tent: 30 €
entire course
per overnight stay in the house with part-time registration: 14 €
per overnight stay in a tent with part-time registration: 7 €
Rental surcharge for guests brought along: 20%. 20 %

Children under 12 years pay half of the adult guest price.

Children as well as adult accompanying persons who do not participate in the course can be taken along.


Contact and registration

Office for Registrations & Enquiries

Registration is possible informally in writing by post or e-mail.

Harald Gierl
Jahnstr. 13
10967 Berlin
030-612 36 83



12-sided and 60 sqm large extension at the seminar house in the

Alleestr. 44 in
25764 Wesselburen-Süderdeich



Payment is made by bank transfer to the school account.

Account holder: Harald Gierl
IBAN: DE83 7602 6000 0445 2710 00